Protagoras’ Board is composed of teachers and academics as well as communication professionals (from both the public sector and private agencies).

The Board meets on a regular basis to set the priorities of the laboratory or propose new activities or events to organise.

Nicolas Baygert


Lecturer at Sciences Po (IEP Paris) and IHECS (Brussels)
Lecturer (Université libre de Bruxelles)
Visiting Lecturer (University of Kent – BSIS)

Elise Le Moing-Maas

Elise Le Moing - Maas

Professor in information and communication sciences (IHECS, UPEM…)
President of the IHECS PR Section
Associate Researcher at the PREFics laboratory, University of Rennes 2
Vice President of the Training Commission of the SFSIC

Esther Durin

Esther Durin

PhD in Language Sciences (Praxiling /UPV – Montpellier)
Applied Research Coordinator (IHECS)
Lecturer (IHECS)
Educational Coordinator (IHECS Academy)

Loïc Nicolas

Publications Director

PhD in Langues et Lettres (ULB) and Trainer (IHECS)


Adrien Jahier

PhD in Information and Communication Sciences (University Toulouse III, France)
Freelance consultant and trainer in Transition and Green Communications
Lecturer (Polytech Mons, Belgium and IHECS)

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John Vandenhaute

Research & Developpement Assistant

Master in Political Science, International Relations (ULB)


William Bernard

Research Coordinator and Commercial Development Assistant at GOPA Com.



Baptiste Buidin

Citizen Participation Coordinator, Municipality of Watermael-Boitsfort (Brussels)


Martim de Mello Correa Dias Coelho Gervais


Student, Université libre de Bruxelles


Luca Iuliano


Student, Institut d’Etudes européennes (ULB)